Thursday, December 30, 2004
Post Xmas

Well, Christmas is finally over. All that anticipation of either distresses or joys passed as you might think only ordinary days pass. 48 Hours and it's done with. Although for some of us it probably seemed much longer. Everything seems longer when you have to deal with people, and their different wants, needs, problems, gifts, demands, etc whatever it is the circus around you emanated or put onto you, good or bad. It's just how things are. And we all know how people get on the Holidays. High maintenance.Even if you don't celebrate the Holiday you get dragged kicking, and screaming into the different levels of the rollercoaster. It's everywhere, even in the air you breathe... because the majority of people in your surroundings probably put it there. Your stores, Your Neighbors, Your Family, Your Friends, Whoever. You cannot escape the demented lies, and indulgences of the evil Christmas Demon....That being said, I can testify to you that I’m glad it is gone... And all the people suffering from Christmas Insanity can now join us back down here in reality.... Well... At the level they where participating in it before all this anyway. Although horribly stressful, my own Christmas wasn't horribly eventful. The nicest gift I received was a midnight visit from my best friend on her own birthday, to deliver unto us Yummy Goodies of Chocolateyness... The thought behind the endeavor wasn't marred by any of the propaganda’s... It was sweet in intent and pure... And forever appreciated. Not to mention the sweetness of the act... would happen at any time, because the friendship itself is real. Therefore it was a REAL present... Not just that one time a year crap people pull... I could start in on my in-depth philosophies about the idiocy in Christmas, and the purities that also can be found in it given the correct mind frame... and turn the journal into a huge mental journey thru my own personal definitions of the whole shabang... But i don't want to think about it anymore..Cause Lo and Behold its gone finally. And Thankfully.Now if it's commercials can go away with it, I would consider that Santa’s (Thor's) greatest gift to me. :) Maybe next year...Speaking of next year... My only hope that 2005 will bring positive change in a stagnant situation. If not the ideal changes, at least some movement towards the better. My 2004 had spiritual, mental, and even physical changes for the better. Some came easy, some where fought and bleed for. But 2004 as much personal forward motion that it held for me, also held regressions that are quite ailing to think about. I need to push forward in the areas of decline... to get back to where i was so i might move them forwards rather then spin them backwards. Any more further backwards, and I’ll be receiving a permanent eye twitch. Therefore 2005 must hold more change. The mental pavement was hopefully laid in 2004 for what this year will bring... Now it's time to build the proverbial house... Somehow

Thru A Day

x)It's been raining for two days here in Los Angeles.
x)L.A.X, Parts of the 5, and local parking lots are flooded
x)There is a very large black widow hanging in my door frame with hungry looking eyes...
x)When i say large, i mean abnormally large
x)It gave me the creeps, and a slight panic attack...
x)Reggie White from The Packers R.I.P, he was one of my very few favorite football players :
x)We bought 3 cheesy bean and rice borritos for me because they messed the first two up so bad i could not stomach to eat them... and going back and explaining to them they need to wrap it correctly, and add the right amount of all the ingredients and spread all the contents evenly throughout the entire span of the thing is not something that translates well for them. So I waited for the night guy to make it.
x)My OCD with food is getting weirder by the day.
x)Today i learned Tiki is horribly afraid of tin cans... and will growl at them and bark at them comically...
x)He will also attack the holder of the can viciously sometimes...
x)That part is not comical...
x)Prank called Shannon
x)With the can
x)And Tiki
x)And the masturbating robot
x)Watched the rain obsessively for hours flood the parking lot and the movement of the mini rivers, until my leg, and upholstery got soaked...
x)My leg then began to spasm from my lack of tolerance for cold weather...
x)I assumed it was connected to the widow in the doorway with hungry eyes for awhile respectably shaken by it's man eating size.
x)Rediscovered 5 Card Poker Slingo
x)Posted annoying journal entry... :)

Sunday, December 12, 2004
Fun With Sebastian & The Toilet

So... Sebastian & Shannon came over. We all had brownies, Listened to the newest from The Bachs, and had lots of fun rolling in the dark. Yup. It was fun. Although i will never see Sebastian again after he saw The Toilet. Which sucks because i loves him :(.

In other news Brant and I almost died of affixiation from the furnace! This house keeps trying to kill us. The past couple of days have been very cold.The Landlord is apparently going to actually replace the old one. So... we will have heat soon.

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